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Lupin's Life - Say Cheese

Lupins Life

Let’s talk teeth: I’ve got a lot of them! And I need to keep them clean and pearly white for all of my time in the spotlight. As I’m sure you can imagine, keeping my mouth clean is a BIG job. Wanna know how I do it? Of course you do! So read on…

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Lupin's Life - The Dirt on Fleas and Ticks

Lupin's Life - The Dirt on Fleas and Ticks

Hi there!  It’s Lupin, and I decided to try my hand (or paw, as it were) at this blogging thing.  Mom did a pretty good job with the first post, but I figured if the blog is going to be called “Lupin’s Life”, the least I could do is write it myself!

flea tick NO
Today, I want to talk about a serious topic, which is flea and tick control. Now, I’m pretty lucky, because I’ve only ever had one tick and have never met a flea. But, my dad the vet, told me some of the scary stuff these tiny little bugs can cause!  

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