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Lupin's Life - Picture Day!

Lupin's Life - Picture Day!

By Amy Strunck

This year, I received one of the best gifts ever from my husband: a pet photo shoot with Lindsay Aikman Photography! Lindsay offers full and mini pet photo sessions either on location or at her studio.

I live with three large dogs, and I love them all, but the thought of attempting a photo shoot at my house with all of them was a bit overwhelming. Instead, I decided to have a special mommy-doggie day at Lindsay's studio with my biggest baby, Lupin, the Great Dane.

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We stopped at a pet store on the way to Lindsay's to pick out a fancy new collar and some tasty treats to energize Lupin throughout the session. (Being really, really ridiculously good-looking can be exhausting, after all.) We drove to the studio with the windows down; Lupin loves being chauffeured around town with his head out the window taking in all of the sights and smells. By the time we got to Lindsay’s studio, Lupin was super excited! Lindsay met us outside and immediately offered Lupin a refreshing aqua beverage (as well as a towel for all of the slobber).

Inside the studio, beautiful pet portraits hang on the walls, demonstrating Lindsay's passion for pet photography. Young or old, playful or thoughtful, Lindsay captures the personalities of all of her subjects in a way that made me once again grateful for such an amazing gift!

While Lupin explored the studio, Lindsay and I talked about my expectations for the shoot. Did I want Lupin outdoors or indoors? With or without me? What about background colors and props? Ultimately, we decided to make Lupin the star of the show and let him do what he does best—lounge on the couch. Over the next hour, Lupin basked in the attention and ate treats while Lindsay took photos.

I couldn’t wait to receive the proof gallery from Lindsay after the photo shoot, and I didn’t have to wait long! The pictures were amazing and showed off the many faces of Lupin—from regal Great Dane, to pensive thinker, to major goof-ball.

Working with Lindsay was a fun, amazing, no-hassle experience that I recommend for any pet lover. I will cherish the photographs of my sweet boy forever. If you are as head-over-heels about your pet as I am, schedule a session with Lindsay Aikman Photography today.

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