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Lupin’s Life - My Story

Lupin’s Life - My Story

Hi again!  A thought occurred to me the other day, I never properly introduced myself to you all.  You’re probably wondering, why would we listen to this dog - he’s no authority on veterinary medicine, he’s a dog!  So, I thought it would be good for me to give you a little background on myself.  I’m Lupin, and this is my story…






I'm Dr. Strunck's dog.  A lot of people have told me I'm a lucky guy.  Apparently my dog mom was taken from a place called a puppy mill shortly before I was born.  On August 28, 2012, my mom, Sage, gave birth during the wee hours of the morning to 4 adorable Great Dane puppies (I was one of them!). 

sageandpuppiesWhen people started to arrive in the morning, they were shocked to see us - even more shocked to realize there were more puppies waiting to be born.  Dr. Strunck and his team did a c-section (whatever that is) to help the rest of my litter mates get out.  Unfortunately, coming from a rough life, my mom wasn’t in the best health and neither were some of my brothers and sisters.  We said goodbye to 4 of them after they were  born.  Me and three other pups survived. 


Not sure quite why the other pups didn’t make it, the folks at Grace Park Animal Hospital decided to try bottle feeding us.  tonka bottleNow, bottle feeding 4 Great Dane puppies, that’s a round-the-clock job!  So the Strunck family took on the daunting task of hand-raising me, my two brothers, and my sister.  puppy facesIt was pretty awesome - we got to live in their house but we also go to work with them during the day! When we were at work, they let some of the other people take turns feeding us (I think we were wearing them out - we demanded food like every 4 hours!).

IMG 0114Owen eatingIMG 0208


Everything was fine and dandy, but as we got older, there was some talk about adoption...I was like, what?!?  I'm your baby!  Turns out the Struncks couldn't adopt 4 Great Danes (they already had two other dogs, 5 cats, and 3 human kids at the time) - go figure.

dane train

Well, I wanted to be sure I was making a great impression on the Strunck family - I always put on my cutest face, I always took my bottle nicely, I played with the other dogs, and snuggled the kids. 


lupin kids

After much private discussion, the Strunck made their decision. 



They decided to adopt ME and my sis, Tonks.

lupintonka (1)

Thanks to the help of Great Dane Rescue Alliance, my dog mom and my other two dog brothers went to rescue-approved homes with some pretty nice people.

Owen even came to visit me at work the other day!  

lupinowenamyLiving with the Struncks, I’ve gotten to learn some pretty cool things.  Dad talks about vet stuff in front of me all the time and mom likes to take me to work where I can observe all of the goings on at Grace Park Animal Hospital.  So, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years and want pass along important info to you whenever I can, so stay tuned!  

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